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Day 5 at Steidl – Last Day!

We woke up this morning to a huge thunder and lightning storm. It went right over our heads for about an hour. Then the rest of the day was muggy! It was hard to focus up on the fourth floor in the heat. Steidl put a portable air cooler in the library area which helped a lot.

We had our last meeting with Victor to go over what still needed to be delivered by us. One more edit of text is all that’s allowed before the book goes to press. He’ll finalize the design and place the photos and portfolio plates.  They are closed during the month of August as is the custom in Europe. It looks like we will be returning for the press run after that. Date to be determined.

We had our last meeting with Steidl at about 7pm to discuss the schedule. He said he was pleased with the book and he said that HE would buy it! So with that we said goodbye. Steidl called a taxi for us and helped us load our luggage and paid the taxi driver. The last we saw of Steidl was him with a big smile on his face! What a memory to take with us!

We had planned to go to Belgium but instead we decided to stay another day in Gottingen as we hadn’t had a chance to see much of this wonderful city. We stayed at Gebhard’s Hotel near the edge of the city and close to the train station. We had a wonderful time exploring the old city. It was still hot and we learned that much of Europe was experiencing a record heat wave.

Since this is that last day of our Steidl adventure for now, we’ll leave you here and take this blog up again when we go to press. If you’re interested in the rest of our current trip you can follow us on facebook. Thanks for traveling along with us on this incredible adventure! To be continued. . .

Early morning thunderstorm!
Victoria in the library.
Victoria in the library.
Lunetta, Anna & Ken working in the library.
Lunetta, Ken, Anna working.
Salmon and shrimp cooked to perfection!
Ken working on the final layout!