The Book is Published!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been several days since we left Steidlville. The last couple of days, my brother and his wife came from Denmark. It was wonderful to be able to share with them some of the euphoria we were feeling fresh off the book’s publication. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of our life. The book is now at the bindery. It will be available and shipped in the latter part of May. Now our task is to market the book! Books can be ordered many ways, either at U.S. Steidl bookstore outlets, or online on amazon, Barnes & Noble, Artbook online, etc. Steidl’s marketing director, Matthias, is available for large book orders at


Now we’re trying to relax and take in everything that happened. All the wonderful people we met and worked with, principal among them Gerhard Steidl himself, and the process, the amazing process, of being present as our book came into being, off the press, page by page roughly every 40 minutes, in its new beautiful form! It was like witnessing a birth! And the photos look their very best. Steidl is a master with ink; we watched him as he calibrated the tritones, and we were in awe how they perfectly pick up each photo’s wide range of values. We can’t wait until we get our copies!

Here’s a picture of why we fell in love with these photographers. About 8 of them are still around to sign the books! Stefan Kirkeby is planning an exhibit for just this purpose in the fall. So Please Stay tuned!

SFAI, Alumni in Diego Rivera Gallery, 2006
Here are the CSFA students in the Diego Rivera Gallery in 2006 at the 60 Year Anniversary of the beginning of the Photo Department at the California School of Fine Arts (now SFAI). Front and around to left: Bill Heick, Ben Chinn, John Upton, Cam Macauley, Stan Zrnich, Eliot Finkels, Pat Harris, Bob Hollingsworth, Harold Zegart, Zoe Lowenthal & Ira Latour. Photo by Michael Creedon, 2006.