Monthly Archives: March 2016

Preparing to return to Germany

The Golden Decade has been thoroughly redesigned by the team at Steidl! We are excited about all the changes. The plan now is for us to go back to Gottingen, Germany for the press run! We await word from Steidl himself. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear and we’ll try to keep the blog going while we’re there.

Thank You to so many people! We haven’t done any of this alone. We’ve leaned on many people. Everyone seems to be edified by the Golden Decade photographers and their stories. We think so often of Bill Heick, Ben Chinn, Cam Macauley and Ira Latour who introduced us to this project; and of course, my dad, Don Whyte who was one of the lucky students at the CSFA so long ago. We sense their presence and think they’re smiling.

This has been a long and deep learning experience. We look ahead to the next stages of this amazing journey.

We send you all our best wishes.
Ken & VictoriaBall_Golden_Decade_cover