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Here are suggested links to Golden Decade resources including photographers, museums, exhibits, history, articles, cool videos and photos.

Gerhard Steidl Publishing House, Göttingen, Germany, the Publisher of the Golden Decade book.

Trailer for a documentary by Gereon Wetzel and Joerg Adolph
How to Make a Book with Gerhard Steidl:

OC Weekly has a great review of The Golden Decade online at It should be in print this week too.

Golden Decade Photographers’ websites and links:


Research and Archival:

Museums with Golden Decade photographs:


Related Photographers’ websites:



  • Susan Ehrens – Alma Lavenson Photographs; Rose Mandel, The Errand of the Eye; Anne Brigman, A Poetic Vision; Imogen Cunningham, Exposed to Light
  • Bill Heick – Fathers’ Day Picnic
  • Fred Hill –  Darkroom Soldier
  • Philip Hyde – Drylands; The Range of Light
  • David Johnson – A Dream Begun So Long Ago
  • Deborah Klochko – The Moment of Seeing; Nancy Newhall, A Literacy of Images
  • Paul Martineau – Manifestations of the Spirit, Minor White, Getty Exhibit 2014
  • John Upton, Jim Stone, Barbara London) – Photography  (11th Edition)
  • Charles Wong/Irene Poon – Point/Counterpoint; Black & White, Sweet & Sour