The Golden Decade, published by Steidl, 2016
The Golden Decade, published by Steidl, 2016
This book has been printed by premier art and photography book publisher Gerhard Steidl in Göttingen, Germany.
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GOLDEN DECADE Exhibits & Events:

Kiosk Museum in San Francisco
Kiosk Museum in San Francisco

Kiosk Museum in Downtown San Francisco, August 28 – November 30, 2017    The exhibition is on view 24/7 through the end of November.  The Kiosk Museum is a collaboration between Community Arts International and JCDecaux with support from the Union Square Business Improvement District. Thanks to Michael Lerner and Stefan Kirkeby!

Laguna Beach Art Museum, February 19 – May 29, 2017

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) –   Golden Decade Presentation by Jeff Gunderson, Ken Ball & Victoria Whyte Ball & Alums, Stephen Goldstine, David Johnson, Gerald Ratto, John Upton, Charles Wong, & Stan Zrnich were on hand to talk about their time at the school at the photography department under Ansel Adams and Minor White when it was named the California School of Fine Arts (CSFA). In 1960 the school was renamed The San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). President Gordon Knox, spoke in great depth about the history of the school and its profound influence on the arts in San Francisco and beyond since the 1800’s. Clea Massiani Laurent, SFAI’s Alumni Relations Manager, introduced all the alums on the panel.

Short history – After World War II the California School of Fine Arts (CSFA) in San Francisco hired renowned photographer Ansel Adams to establish one of the first fine art photography departments in the United States. The caliber of teachers and guest instructors assembled there under the new directorship of Douglas McAgy was unmatched, and the school was one of the most avant-garde art schools of its time. On hand were photographers Adams and Minor White, along with Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Imogen Cunningham, Lisette Model, Nancy and Beaumont Newhall, and Homer Page.

Three former students of Adams and White—William Heick, Ira H. Latour and C. Cameron Macauley, later known as the “Three Musketeers”—began planning a book that would focus on CSFA’s photography department, covering the years between 1945 and 1955, the period known as “The Golden Decade.” It was a lucky coincidence when Ken Ball and his wife Victoria Whyte Ball (whose father, Don Whyte, had bequeathed them an abundance of negatives and contact prints from his student years at CSFA) joined them. Together this team has embarked on an important journey into photography’s past that is embodied in this book.

Cameron Macauley, Ira Latour, Bill Heick, photo by Abe Aronow, 2002.
Cameron Macauley, Ira Latour, Bill Heick, photo by Abe Aronow, 2002.

The Golden Decade, Photography at the California School of Fine Arts 1945-55. Text by William Heick, Ira Latour, and Cameron Macauley. Text and edits by Ken Ball and Victoria Whyte Ball

Publisher, Steidl, Göttingen, Germany
Hardback / Clothbound
29.2 x 29.2 cm
ISBN 978-3-86930-902-6

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Victoria Whyte and Ken Ball, 2017
Victoria Whyte and Ken Ball – photo by Taylor Boone 2017